5 Food Options in Boston – For Those With Plenty of Time and Not Necessarily Money

Great-wall-chinese-food At first glance, Boston seems to be a city ‘on the go’. On a working day, as you stand in front of a subway station, you can see a steady of stream of people emerging from the station with their daily caffeine fix in one hand and burgers, sandwiches and doughnuts in the other.

It’s a picture of life and food ‘on the go’!

But while the city of Boston is literally dotted with Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, Pizzerias, Dunkin Doughnuts and range of fast food options to cater to the quick food fix needs; it also equally boasts of a wide choice of dining options and cuisine from countries across the world. 5 of my best picks are mentioned below. And the best part is, most of these are quite affordable, given the large student population in the city.

1. Regina Pizzeria

Boston’s famous North end is one of its well-known historical neighborhoods that houses a host of Italian restaurants and cafes amid narrow streets and old buildings including the house of Paul Revere (famous for his midnight ride to warn people against the onset of the British troops in 1775).

Regina Pizzeria, one of Boston’s original brick oven pizza restaurants can be spotted miles away due to the snaking queues in front of it on a weekend.

Once you finally enter the premises, you immediately feel a part of the crowded, happy atmosphere with the posters on the wall that talk about its history dating back to 1926. You realize that you are here not just for the food. The pizza is of course great, the portions are huge, but the warm ambiance is probably what keeps bringing people back. After all, one can have more exotic thin crust pizzas in road side cafes of Italy.

2. Mike’s Pastry

Still at North End after the pizza lunch, if you are in the mood for a sweet treat, one can head to Mike’s Pastry. Long lines can be seen here again as people pick and choose from an awe inspiring array of desserts ranging from the local favorite Boston Cream Pie to Biscotti, Cakes, Fruit Squares, Marzipan, Cookies, Gelato and the works. There is something sweet here for everyone’s tastes and we found people packing huge boxes and children standing patiently with their parents and choosing their own picks. Another Boston tradition, this one.

3. Penang, China Town

In quite a different corner of Boston, the ubiquitous China Town beckons foodies and shoppers alike. While one can feast on a variety of dumplings here, we tried our luck at a Malaysian restaurant called Penang.

On a Sunday afternoon, it was packed to capacity with busy waiters running around the tables carrying orders and wearing warm, welcoming smiles.

In Penang, I would definitely recommend the Roti Telur, a dish which a friend of mine introduced me to.

Bengalis, who might be missing the ‘Mughlai Porota’ of our old Calcutta days, would find Roti Telur quite close to it and quite delicious too.

4. P.F. Changs

If you are in the mood for Chinese, but not close to Chinatown, PF Chang’s might be a good choice. The richly decorated interiors usher you inside to an inviting aura of subtle aromas and attentive service.

Food here is vibrant, bold and tasty, with plenty of choices, quite a sure hit for Chinese food lovers.

5. Legal Sea Food

When in Boston, of course, you cannot escape seafood. And the flagship restaurant of Legal Seafood with its majestic view of the Boston Waterfront is a perfect way to experience seafood in Boston. This one is not very cheap, but for sea food lovers, it is worth the splurge. From Clam Chowder, to Crab Cakes to Fisherman’s Platter, this restaurant has an amazing variety of fresh sea food on offer.

So, if you have a leisurely weekend in Boston where life need not be on the go, hopefully you can experience the amazing variety of food that Boston has to offer, rather than settling for another sandwich or burger. This list is just a sample, there is much more to discover from Mexican to Korean to ‘so called’ Indian food that foodies in Boston can enjoy.

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